In the Service of the Heart

Working with the Child

The child is born surrounded by other people who influence him. As he grows he tries to keep the love he felt . To the child a separation has begun from the time of the free soul to the changing times where people around him are using different strategies to get love from one another. He adapts some of those strategies even though they bring pain. They are thoughts and actions of conditional love.

My service is to help children reverse negative thought patterns and transform the negative emotions and old belief systems so that the child can return to the loving feelings his soul has been longing for. I begin by addressing the fears. The child might say, "I am not afraid of anything." But then I tell him that anger or jealousy is based on fear. We proceed with workshops to help heal.

And so begins the process. I use media, such as artwork, skits, and other language arts methods to have them clear and transform their negative feelings and beliefs about themselves. I invite the parents in to discuss what they have learned and the children then are shown that we all have the same beliefs to one degree or another. It is something we all share. The important thing is how to transform the thoughts and beliefs and learn how to be in charge of the emotions and physical pain that comes with the territory. There is no blame , no shame, no guilt. We are all one learning about ourselves and each other and helping to find unconditional love on earth the way in which it was intended. Parents and children begin to have a greater understanding of one another and how they fit into the universal scheme of things. The workshops are held on week-ends, after school or during school breaks.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass